Fantasy Girl

Fantasy Girl Crypto Wealth Generating Platform

Fantasy Girl crypto wealth generating platform focuses on incentivising investors and generating passive income through several staking pools and unique Defi 1.0 and Defi 2.0 protocols.

The developer is always analysing profitable trends to maximise investment opportunities and have operating staking protocols providing one of the highest APY in BUSD available in the market.

The liquidity providing the high APY is constant and stable due to the connection with other projects funded by Fantasy Girl, like the TREASURY CASINO and our newly released NFT Marketplace. 

All the bnb and wbnb generated by the casino and the nft marketplace will be allocated to the FMEV2 token’s liquidity pool to continue supplying a stable APY.

Fantasy Girl Brand

The upcoming Fantasy Store will allow you to purchase popular goods like iPhones, iPads, etc.
using the FMEV2 token this plus a high APY staking pool , P2E Platform and an actual Store will help establish the Fantasy Girl Brand Worldwide, a project from a transparent and reliable developer from New Zealand.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

My goal is to create a sustainable DAO connecting liquidity from 3 projects allowing a sustainable APY through out the market conditions.

High APY Staking

Throughout the year we will have monthly staking pools with no staking fees or penalties these pools will stable high annual returns for even higher APY's check out the Secret Vault DAO.

Or perhaps the NFT Staking Vault is more for you with constant NFT Collections ready for you to purchase sell and stake.


Hi I am Ami,

I am the sole owner and developer of fantasy girl, this project is the beginning of a journey for me with the ultimate goal of generating wealth for others while I make money, with an IT background and a business management degree I am more than confident that we will achieve whatever your ultimate goal is together.

I am a real person so do not be a stranger and flick me a message if you have any questions, feedback or suggestion.